Suíomh is Fearr/ Best Irish Website

The site must be in the Irish Language, with optional English translation. The site can be based on any content and can either be a blog or a website. Using the Irish language with modern content in a creative way can bring the language to life.

The websites will be judged on:

Content (60%)
•    Does the content of the website suit the topic?
•    How much of the content was created by the entrant and how much sourced from the web?
•    Is the content appropriate to the audience? (other students, parents, etc.)
•    What mix of media has been used? (text/graphics/photos/video/audio)
•    Does this mix best represent the topic?
•    Does this mix engage the audience?

Design (20%)
•    Does the chosen design, layout and use of colour work for the topic?
•    Is the chosen design, layout and use of colour appropriate for the audience? (size and colour of text/amount of material on each page)
•    Is the choice of colour and layout appropriate for the intended audience?
•    Is there a consistency across the site throughout each webpage?

Navigation (10%)
•    Have the sections of the website been well planned out?
•    Is it clear how to get to the content or page you want?
•    Is the navigation functional and easy to use?

Apps (10%)
•    How useful are the apps or widgets used on the site for the key audience?
•    How do they help explain/expand the topic?
•    Have any social media elements been incorporated? (Twitter feed, Facebook events page, YouTube channel, etc.)
•    How useful are the social media platforms to the key audience?


Good Luck!