Creative Web Coding

Creative Web coding should be a website or game hand-coded by an individual or a group. Please note if your project uses a template and is not hand coded you will be required to submit your entry into either Best Individual or Best Group Project as you do not meet the criteria for this category.

Creative Web Coding will be judged on:

Elegant Code/ Readability (65%)
•    Easy to Understand – optimize for readability
•    Naming – Example Choosing descriptive names for things like variables and functions
•    Add Meaning to Names (add meaning to the names you use for variables, functions, methods, etc. Not only does this help avoid confusion, it makes the code you write easier to understand.
•    Style and Consistency

Creativity / Innovation (35%)
•    Does the chosen design, layout and use of colour work for the topic?
•    Is the chosen design, layout and use of colour appropriate for the audience? (size and colour of text/amount of material on each page)
•    Is the choice of colour and layout appropriate for the intended audience?
•    Is there a consistency across the site throughout all webpages?
•    Has a new approach been taken with the topic or the site? (meaning in the way the site is presented, or taking a different starting point than is usually presented or relating the topic to a specific locality)
•    What is different about the mix of media used?
•    What new elements have been added to the template used and do they add to the usefulness of level of engagement of the site?

Important: You must provide us with access to your github for the code.


Good Luck!