Best Group Project

Best Group Project should be a website completed by two or more people and it can be based on any subject matter. This project can be based on anything from Sports to Science, Fashion to French or Art to Algebra.

Projects will be judged on:

Content (50%)
•    Does the content of the site reflect the work done by the group?
•    How much of the content was created by the group and how much sourced from the web?
•    Is the content appropriate for the audience?
•    What mix of media has been used? (text/graphics/photos/video/audio)
•    Does this mix best represent the topic?
•    Does this mix engage the audience?

Design and Presentation (20%)
•    Does the chosen design, layout and use or colour work for the topic?
•    Are the chosen design, layout and use of colour appropriate for the audience? (size and colour of text/amount of material on each page)
•    Is the design from a template or has some/all of it been modified?

Navigation (15%)
•    Have the sections of the website been well planned out?
•    Is it clear how to get to the content or page you want?
•    Is the navigation functional and easy to use?

Creativity and innovation (15%)
•    Has a new approach been taken with the topic or the site? (meaning in the way the site is presented, or taking a different starting point than is usually presented or relating the topic to a specific locality)
•    What is different about the mix of media used?
•    What new elements have been added to the template used and do they add to the usefulness of level of engagement of the site?

Tip: The site should provide a resource to teach groups/individuals on the given subject.  Good presentation, being user-friendly and an innovative way of teaching the topic are important.


Good Luck!