Please see all competition rules below.

Who can enter:

  •  One entry per person, per category.
  • Multiple entries from the same School, Coderdojo, Education Centre are welcome.
  • Teachers, Supervisors or Parents must be aware that the project is being entered.
  • Entrants are split into three age groups as specified below. There will be a winner in each category in each year group, as well as an overall Grand Prix winner in each age group.

Year groups:

  • Mega Spiders:

Aged between 4 – 12 years old

  • Giga Spiders:

Aged between 13-15 years old

  •  Tera Spiders:

Aged between 16-19 years old

Individual and groups:

  • Entrants may enter as an individual or as a group . Students entering in groups must be from the same age group.
  • If entrants are shortlisted for a category, they are invited to attend the awards with up to 2 other students and up to 2 teachers/parents/supervisors.
  • In the case that a large group have all taken part in creating the website, then up to 3 individuals and 2 teachers/parents/supervisors may represent the group, if shortlisted.

What to enter:

  •  All entries must be made online.
  • A fully functioning website and completed entry form needs to be submitted for each entry.
  • All entries are in English, except for the ‘Best Irish Website’ category.
  •  The individual/group entering must complete the majority of the project. Help is allowed, but the entrant must understand all the work that is being done.
  • All work entered must belong to the entrant. Copyright infringements will be taken very seriously.

Further rules:

  •  If an individual/group enters a website into an unsuitable category, the judges will have the right to move it to its appropriate category.
  • Teacher/Supervisor/Parents names must be included on the entry form in order to be the point of contact for each entry.
  • Entries received after the closing date will not be accepted.
  • Judges decisions are final.
  • The information provided will be used by the Junior Spiders Awards for the sole purpose of processing the application, for feedback, and for contacting you in relation to the competition.
  • Your entry may be used to promote the awards if you agree to this on the entry form.