Our day at the eir Junior Spider Awards

Inspire Yourself With Sport

By Emma Worrall


I was at a Meitheal training week when I got a text from Kara telling me to check the shortlist as it had just gone up. We were both delighted and surprised that we had been shortlisted in three categories; Best Web Design, Best Concept and Best Group Project. We both couldn’t wait to go up to Dublin because even if we didn’t win we knew it would be a great day out.

Our bus left the school at 6:30 am and we were both like zombies for the first hour or two of the journey. As we got closer to Croke Park the excitement started to build, our school had 12 projects nominated so we had a huge group. Suddenly it was very real that we were actually nominated. Then the nerves started to hit, we had seen the projects that were in our categories and they were amazing.

When we arrived at Croke Park the first thing we did was take a group picture, we then went up to get our name tags and take more photos. It was very surreal being photographed as neither one of us had ever experienced anything like that before.

We then had time to look around at all of the exhibitions. There was face painting, balloons, virtual reality and to Kara’s horror….. a snake! We had so much fun looking around particularly learning about the different types of reptiles from the zoo. Our whole group had so much fun especially watching those who weren’t shortlisted get their faces painted.

We then heard that the awards ceremony was about to start so rushed into the room. The magician act before the awards was hilarious and had the whole group in stitches when he called up one of the girls from our school as a volunteer. It soon turned serious when the awards were given out.

When it came to the time to hand out awards from the Giga category both me and Kara were nervous wrecks. Cube-an-fighter won Best Group, the first award we were shortlisted for – we were not surprised as their website was amazing. We began to panic after realising that Spright.io was in our other two categories, a website that had already won two awards and would win two more.

It came to the Best Concept award, when our name was called out as the winner it felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We made our way to stage and received our award. The support we got from the crowd was unreal and neither one of us could believe that we had actually won. We were told that our clear message of ending stigma surrounding mental illness and our personalised content had impressed the judges. This was the best part of the day because we then knew our message had reached someone and we had achieved our aim by getting this message out into the world.

We hope going forward to spread this message even more. We want to thank everyone at eir who made this amazing day possible and who gave us this opportunity!!!!

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