Being a Digital Citizen


We are all citizens – generally of the country we live in or perhaps the country we were born in. However, we are also citizens of a much wider world – the online world. Just like being a citizen of a country, being a digital citizen brings us rights and responsibilities.

Recently, I learned about the idea of making a digital citizenship pledge (via PDST Tech in Education) to show that I take my online responsibilities seriously. I decided to develop my own pledge and rather than write it, I decided to use an online video making programme – Animoto – to build my pledge into a video presentation which I have narrated. I tweeted my pledge to encourage others to think about it and maybe do something similar.

What is a Digital Citizenship Pledge?

It shows that you understand your responsibilities while using the internet. My pledge outlines all the things I need to think about when posting something online, looking on social media and even just browsing the internet in general; like looking out for and reporting cyber bullying and understanding your “digital footprint” and “digital identity”.

Digital Footprint

It’s also really important to understand what your digital footprint is as it will affect you when applying for a job and how you are seen by employers. Your digital footprint is what you do online on social networks and much more, in short is your internet profile showing what you do and say to people and what you post on social media. We all need to be careful about what we post online even if it’s just a like on Facebook or a comment on Instagram – it will all stick with you.

Don’t be a Digital Thief!

Another part of my pledge is not stealing other people’s ideas and making sure to use images with permission. We should always have permission to use images we find online or use images licensed for reuse. If we take an idea from someone we need to credit them when we use it. In my digital pledge Animoto I have used images that are labelled with permission to reuse.

My Pledge

Checkout my pledge below-it only takes a minute (59 seconds to be more exact!) – and perhaps as fellow digital citizens you would consider something similar so that together we can spread the word


Lorcan Tuohy, TY Student Borrisokane CC. Member of Digital Youth Council of Ireland 2016-2017, Youth Media Team, School Digital Champion & eir Junior Spider Entrant 2017

Twitter: @lorcantuohy

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