By TY IT Manager, Joel Abraham


What is TY.ie?

TY.ie is a website for students to get the best experience! The website has categorised lists of companies that provide work experience to TY students, articles to help TY students with career and subject choice, work experience and transition year in general. We also have work experience reviews written by TY students. We recently added two new features, “Mini-Company Showcase” and “TY Interviews”. The former showcases Mini-Companies from all over Ireland with their story and the latter features competitors in Irish competitions and school clubs/societies.


Why did you enter Junior Spiders?

We entered Junior Spiders so that we can share our idea with other website creators, IT enthusiasts and students from all around Ireland. As our website is all about Transition Year, we love seeing what TY students are getting up to so Junior Spiders gives us the perfect opportunity to do just that!


Why is it good to have an opportunity to showcase your work?

It can be difficult to get publicity for a website. Opportunities to showcase our work at competitions like the eir Junior Spiders are a great way to spread the word about our website. You never know who you could meet at a competition that might be really interested in your work.


Our Awards:

We participated in the Student Enterprise competition this year and we were very successful. We first won “The Student Enterprise Best Entrepreneurial Spirit Award” and at the Cork Regional Final we won the Best Innovation Award.


We also took part in the PDST Get Up & Go Competition and won 1st Place in Innovation and qualified for the National Final.


Meet The Team:

Leon Keating – CEO

Tony O’Halloran – Deputy CEO

Joel Abraham – I.T Manager

Uzair Ahmad – Marketing Manager

Cian Morgan – Legal Manager

Shane Foley – Finance Manager

Rory Kelleher – PR Manager


How was it working in a team to bring your work to life?

Working in a team was very beneficial. Everyone had a role to play for the website so the work was spread out. It was also useful to have more than one opinion on various aspects of the website. Looking back now, I can’t imagine the website as it is today without the TY.ie Team.


How long did it take to make your project?

We started the website in December and released the fully featured version on the 1st of March. So it took around 4 months. However, there’s always something to fix and ideas to add so it’s an ongoing project!


Contact Us:

Facebook: @tydotie

Twitter: @tydotie

Instagram: @tydotie

Email: info@ty.ie

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