We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Ciara Brennan from St. Peters Primary School in Bray. Ciara and her students took home the coveted 2014 Mega Spiders Grand Prix trophy for their School Blog – St.Peters Primary Bray Blog 

‘Winning the Mega Spiders Grand Prix award last year was a huge honour and privilege for our school. We were so proud to have been nominated in two categories (for our website and blog) and we were so thrilled to be invited to the awards ceremony with the students. The nominations gave us a huge boost, and we were just so delighted to be considered for such a prestigious award! We had heard the awards day was a great day out… and we were not disappointed! It was an absolute highlight of my teaching career to date, and the students had one of the most memorable and exciting days in a school uniform. 

The awards were held in Google HQ in Dublin, and that alone was excitement enough! We couldn’t wait to arrive. When we got there, we were immediately interviewed by national news outlets and the excitement grew as we were treated to some really cool exhibitions and treats! The ceremony itself was so exciting, it felt like the Oscars for primary schools. We couldn’t believe it when our name was called out not once, but twice. Our iPad went into meltdown as everyone back at school heard the news. Our blog is a whole-school one, and so everyone shared in the victory! Our principal was out on maternity leave and we couldn’t wait to ring her with the news – we were all shouting and screaming with excitement down the phone! That day we were featured on the national TV and radio news.

Since our win, our use of the internet and social media has only grown further. We are confident, ambitious web users and we got so many opportunities since the Junior Spiders victory. It genuinely meant so much to all of the students who attended on the day of the awards and also to the students at home who felt equally part of the process and the victory! We won a Microsoft Surface tablet that is now an integral part of our IT infrastructure. 

The children regularly cite the eircom Junior Spiders victory as a highlight of their primary school experience, and the whole process brought such positive and encouraging coverage about our school. eircom and Business & Finance had a superb handle of what it means to sponsor such an event, and all representatives had a really personable approach to the children and chatted to them casually – something our students really enjoyed as it made the day all about them, and not the adults (teachers!) who are normally centre-stage on days like this.

We are so proud to be former winners and fully endorse every aspect of the competition. We can’t recommend entering enough, and look forward to taking part again this year!’


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